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flamencoflametest is a subscription membership unlike any other. Take any level dance class from the convenience and safety of your home - and watch the replays at your leisure. Practice with the tailored mini-breakdowns between classes - to progress faster. And enjoy camaraderie and duende - the soul of flamenco - with like-minded dancers the world over, in a private, members-only space. View our plans now.

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Online, On-Demand, On-Fire Flamenco Dance Classes

Taught by an

award-winning MD &

dance professor

(how cool is that?!)

  • With care & health science knowledge

    • For your injury prevention or 

             your surgery/injury recovery  

  • With support & mad teaching skills

    • For your artistic journey - from      technique to "Express Yourself!"©

  • With empathy & lifelong experiences

    • ​For your body respect & emotional strength

Photo credit: Collin Quinn Rice


Dance Your Joy with Our Supportive, Flame-filled Community from Anywhere

FlamencoFlame is the only online flamenco community of its kind, started by a Filipina-American Maestra who had dreamed for years of pulling together her students from across the US without asking them to travel to an expensive workshop.


Plus, after all of those workshops, then what? Coco noticed that everyone went home, put away their choreography, and settled back into ho-hum "regular" life.


Suddenly COVID-19 hit the States, and stay-at-home orders really sunk in -- and everyone around the world was forced to get used to online meetings.


Coco -- who was already very comfortable with online teaching from her years as a professor, department chair, and coach -- reached out to a handful of former students, and... 

FlamencoFlame ignited!

Zoom still Coco teaching class

Weekly online classes

Nuestra Juerga

Share and feel supported in our private online community!

Breakdown still Coco showing detailed hand technique

Practice with the breakdown videos

Some of Coco's hard-to-find flamenco books on one of her many mantones

Learn music & choreography structure, enjoy flamenco history, and hear from the great maestros

Breakdown still Coco showing detailed footwork technique

Because the devil's in the details, right?

Zoom still Coco teaching class

Watch replays any time!


Simple, Fun, Safe, and Supportive

FlamencoFlame is a monthly subscription membership.

Once you've joined at your appropriate level, you'll gain instant access to your weekly live online Zoom classes, the searchable replay recordings, and Coco's specific mini-videos of choreography and technique breakdowns (she creates 2 - 6 of these after each class).


You'll be invited to join our private Facebook group, Nuestra Juerga, where everyone gets to know each other, as we learn about the palo -- dance and music structure -- we're working on in class. We share flamenco history, stories, photos, clips, and info on where to get shoes, skirts, fans, all the flamenco swag.


Each week simply click your Zoom link to join class live a few minutes before it starts, and take a great class! 

Take a peek at some of our happy FlamencoFlame Founding Members. We're able to take class in the safety, comfort, and ease of our own homes, without having to hire baby sitters, without having to drive anywhere, and without having to worry about COVID-19.

If you miss class for any reason, no worries, and no need for make-ups. You can watch the searchable class replay recording at your leisure. And of course, study the breakdown videos, too.

Most importantly, you're able to take the highest-quality flamenco class with Coco's signature emphasis on proper technique that will help you not only become fabulous, but also prevent injury -- and keep you dancing flamenco for a long time to come. Combined with Coco's expressive choreographies and oftentimes emotional class cool-down, this is a dance-life experience and community you will want to be a member of for life. 

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Early Intermediate Level

Your weekly live 90-minute Online class is available for On-demand replay within 24 hours, to take and retake at your convenience, as often as you like!

Tailored Mini-videos on our choreography & technique Breakdowns are also posted weekly, so you can improve any time, any day. 

(This is what current students are raving about -- and I see their huge improvements every week, happening faster than in-person classes TBH!)

And round out your flamenco art knowledge in our supportive, private community.

If you've taken 1-2 years of flamenco, if your training has been on & off, or if it's been awhile --

Click below to get started.


Beginner Level

Whether you've never taken a dance class ever, or if you're a dancer in another genre who wants to cross-train or upskill, this is the Plan for you.

It includes your 60-minute weekly live Online class, the On-demand class replays, and On-demand mini-videos on our choreography & technique Breakdowns. 

And learn all about the art of flamenco even more quickly inside of our supportive, private community.


While receiving impeccable ballet training during her childhood from Olia Balch of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, Coco "Corina La Jazmin" Cabrel performed professionally in Hawaiian, Tahitian, and Filipino dance with Carmencita Wood.


After earning her MD from Northwestern's Feinberg School of Medicine, Coco fulfilled her childhood dream of performing in a dance company as an adult when she was asked to join Teresa y Los Preferidos Spanish Dance in Chicago, where she quickly became principal dancer.


Coco was hand-picked and privately trained by the great Maestro of the Maestros, Ciro, to dance the part of Desdemona in his flamenco ballet premiere, Otelo. She danced several soloist and principal roles in additional Ciro choreographies, as well as company choreographies set by Manolo Rivera, Luis Montero, and Cristian Almodovar.


A serious back injury (sustained not while dancing), plus the retirement of Los Preferidos, inspired Coco to form her own company, Encuentro Spanish Dance Theatre. Through Encuentro, Coco worked extensively with Vida Peral, Antonio Vargas, and Paco Romero; she workshopped with Marija Temo, Omayra Amaya, Juana Amaya, Yolanda Heredia, Lola Greco, and the grandest Maestro of all, Jose Granero. 

In 2004, Coco was recruited by the University of New Mexico - Taos to rebuild their concurrent college credit program with Taos High School, as well as build a flamenco-based college dance program from scratch. During this time, she fine-tuned her one-of-a-kind blend of dance education with medical science, always infusing her teaching with strong technique and an eye for injury prevention and recovery. Coco knows first-hand what it takes to heal an almost-career-ending injury and come back stronger than ever.

Coco also encourages and supports the deep exploration of how flamenco works as an artform:

to feel your deepest feels, conquer your darkest fears, and find your most fulfilling joys -- by always, always creating the safe haven that her students know and love her for. 


She has created FlamencoFlame as a safe haven for everyone, from everywhere, at anytime.

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Photo cred: Collin Quinn Rice